The vision behind ARTEM is to promote art, culture, and cohesion. We publish text materials, lyrics, and short stories collections. We exhibit art, and play concerts, do poetry readings as well as open-stage evenings, talks and similar events. We want to create an open, creative community where we can bounce ideas of each other, collaborate on projects and help each other through skills and experience. We want ARTEM to be a platform that encourages people to follow their dreams.


ARTEM wants to create small pockets of art, cultivate the immediate and honest, and create a space where all ideas are welcome and where we can help each other bring them to life. ARTEM is for everyone, and especially for young artists, musicians, and writers who are not yet established.


On an ethical level, the project works towards embracing personal and cultural differences, through creative collaboration and expression. Everyone is welcome exactly as they are, regardless of social status, age, ethnicity, gender, employment, etc. At ARTEM you can cultivate your passion, share your knowledge, inspire and be inspired, create a professional network and make new friends. It is important to us that ARTEM has a space for everyone and the sky is the limit. 


We dream that ARTEM should be a catalyst for creative expression, as we believe it is extremely important to explore one's creative aspects, gain cultural experiences and thereby take a stand for the world around you.


ARTEM er et kreativt fællesskab, der med sit ønske om at skabe trygge rum ikke tolererer nogen former for diskrimination. Herunder sexisme, racisme, homofobi, transfobi, ableisme eller andre former for diskrimination.