If you would like to support ARTEM financially, you can become a maecen for us. A maecen is originally a person (with a lot of money) who financially supports art and science. Nowadays, however, everyone can become a maecen because you ca support just 25 KR. / month. 


If you become the maecen of ARTEM, you help young, unestablished artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and others with a passion to publish and exhibit their works, as well as supporting workshops, talks, and events that revolve around culture and creative growth. is a sharing economy platform that allows you to support ARTEM through regular monthly payments. It is a Danish initiative and their policy is that users, and not the owners of, should make money.


All expenses in ARTEM are paid through grants and donations. We are therefore very grateful to anyone and everyone who supports ARTEM. Every contribution makes a huge difference and helps us in ARTEM continue to create original and honest material for everyone.