ARTIST TALK: Stine Rathje

Interview with Stine Rathje

By Pauline Bechmann Nielsen

P: Hi Stine, can you tell us about yourself?

S: My name is Stine and I am 20 years old. I am primarily a visual artist, but I also like to work with ceramics and graphic prints. I paint very intuitively, and as a principle I work with no real thoughts behind my paintings, which I find is a very liberating work approach. That is also why I don't have a long description or a story behind my works. Only recently did I start to sketch my paintings beforehand, just to have a bit to start with. Otherwise in the past I have generally painted without sketching on large canvases. I start by just using faces as a kind of template to mix and combine color. Then I proceed by finding shapes and forms that I fill with colors. This is the approach that I am currently working with.The way I work with shapes is informed by humans, bodies or natural objects like plants and fruits, etc. So my forms are always contextualised. When I look at people's faces I see shapes and find it exciting to use those forms in my paintings. That just makes sense to me. Eventually I combine all the forms together and shape them into a human being. I use a bit of a coloring book technique that little kids use. It's pretty smart to do it when you don't have a lot of technique.

P: How did you start painting?

S: I tried it at my college at Krabbesholm and I really enjoyed it. I found a lot of peace in it. Then I continued and found that it was a good way for me to concentrate because I'm really bad at focusing on things. I have a bit of a hyperactive tendency and it was good for me to just sit and focus very deeply on painting. And with that being said, I like to work big with big paintings because I get to move while doing it. In fact, I don't really like to sit and do very small things because then I get frustrated. So I find it exciting when I get to work with big canvases because I get to move my whole body.

P: Does it inspire you to use a lot of colors in your paintings?

S: My choice of colors comes naturally. I sit and mix the colors and think: "this color goes well here," and then I mix further and use it there. Once I mix those colors, I can never make them again, I just use it all.

P: How did you hear about ARTEM?

S: I heard about it through a friend who knew someone who had an exhibition through ARTEM. She thought it was something I would be interested in because I also wanted to have an exhibition. It was pretty accessible and not difficult in that way. It really appealed to me because ARTEM is for unestablished artists, for those who, even without having much material, are still allowed and welcome to exhibit their works.

P: What do you think you would like to do more with ARTEM in the future?

S: So we have talked about collaborating on making some prints and I think that is very thrilling because that was something I thought about doing before. I am really happy that there is someone that can help me out. I think it's cool, especially when you are not the best at starting on these sort of things, to have someone help you get on track.

P: Cool, and what is your biggest dream right now for the time being?

S: It's to get better at doing more, being more productive and getting my works displayed.

There are many who, when they create something, want to keep it to themselves and are afraid of showing it. But I really want to show my works as I evolve. I think that it is quite interesting to see people's reactions and hear what they say about my work. It is nerve-wrecking but that excites me.

You can find Stine on instagram @studiorathje

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